Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Relationship with My Husband

The 30 things my kids should know about me list is pretty extensive and has already given me such insight on my life and the people who are in it. The third thing on the list is to describe your relationship with your spouse. Summing up such an intense and loving relationship is going to be hard, but I am up for the challenge.
Intense is such a great word to describe our relationship. We love intensely, we fight intensely. We are so passionate about our beliefs, our marriage, and our kids. Our lives are centered with each other. We are so intensely connected.
We fight like cats and dogs. People nickname us the Bickersons. Most times we can't get through an argument without making the other laugh. We expect a lot out of each other. That is not to say that it is because we think the other should do better than they already do. Instead it is because we think so highly of each other that we think there is nothing that the other can't do. We expect things out of each other because we think the other is so amazing and capable.
We are each other's rock. We built our relationship on a solid foundation of love and respect. That can't be undone and will weather any storm. We support each other through stress from work/school, through the loss of loved ones, and even through our own disagreements. We have each other's back and are the other's shoulder to lean on. We come to each other for advice, for support, and for love.
Our relationship is so balanced at all times. We are each capable of being serious when needed (one more than the other) but can still keep life fun. We need each other to run our household, raise our kids, and live our lives.
We are so in love. There isn't a better way to put it. We love each other, sure, but we are IN love. There is definitely a difference. Before my husband, I had thought I had been in love plenty of times. However, with meeting him and growing this marriage the way we have shows me that I have in fact only been in love once. I have only loved one man and I am blessed enough to be able to share the rest of eternity with him.
Life has only gotten easier and happier upon meeting my husband. I love my husband with everything I have, and I know that he would say the same if he were writing this blog. He is everything to me and I owe my life to this man. When asking him how he would describe our relationship ship, he simply stated effervescent. I then had to look up the actual definition (vivacious and enthusiastic). I thought that was a great description too!
We are blessed to have found our other half. We are fortunate enough to have found our true soul mates. We are lucky enough to have found each other.

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