Friday, January 4, 2013

FO Word Blocks for Christmas

Yes, I procrastinate. An issue that is getting better with owning a business and school. I was pretty backed up for Christmas. I spent both Christmas Eve and Christmas night finishing gifts for people. I even started a few on those nights! On Christmas night I started (and finished) my mother-in-law and Allyson's gifts. I had bought blocks for their gifts back in August, but got overwhelmingly busy with orders that the first chance I got to work on them was Christmas night.

I decided that my MIL was getting blocks that said grandma. She is entirely devoted to her role as grandmother and I feel she loves this role more than anything. Her grandchildren are everything to her. This love for them made this a no-brainer. I chose greens and browns for the backing to the letters because she loves earth tones.
Allyson's was pretty easy as well. She started Holla Knits in 2012 and her go-to phrase is "Holla!" I knew that this was the winner. She has a louder sense of colors and doesn't care that things don't match. This made making her blocks extremely fun. She loves teal with yellow and I knew that this was going to be the basis for my use of colors.
I chose the different size letters completely by accident in both cases. I went with Allyson on Christmas Eve to get the remaining letters that I did not have. While at Michael's I found a smaller set of letters for the same price as I normally spend at Hobby Lobby. So I grabbed the ones I was missing, completely forgetting that the ones at home were larger!
I am not one to forget ANYTHING so this was a new one for me. It worked out OK though because the different size letters made a pattern, with the exception of the "M" which is in fact an upside down "W." I love the way they look and am so happy to see them displayed at my mother-in-laws house amongst all her pictures of my kids.

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