Monday, January 14, 2013

Favorite Part of My Body

I feel that everything on this 30 things my kids should know about me list has been pretty serious and gets serious answers. When I first read number 27, I couldn't help but laugh. Not at the question, but at how I would answer this. What is your favorite part of your body and why? I have always said the same thing when asked this question, for as long as I can remember. My butt!

I don't mean to say my butt is fabulous, but my butt is pretty fabulous! My husband was always a boob man (his words, not mine) until we met. I feel that I have to love my butt. My genes have given me a big butt and embracing that is one thing I have done. If you notice, most of my pictures are taken of me turned to one side (to show off the booty).
When in high school, I never wore smaller than a size 10 in jeans, simply because I have a big butt. My volleyball spandex were always too short. When I was a freshman, our cheerleading squad got new uniforms that were fitted to each of us. My skirt needed 2 extra inches to cover my butt, and it was still shorter than everyone elses.
The sports I was in in high school helped my butt too. Cheerleading and volleyball practice was spent doing a lot of squats and leg strengthening exercises. I spent a lot of my time in gym class or in the gym doing things to strengthen my legs and butt. This helped with my jumps and lifts in cheerleading and my jumps and quick feet in volleyball. I can't help but love something God has given me an abundance of.

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  1. Shake what your mama gave ya! Kidding aside, it's definitely something to be proud of, Emily. I know a lot of girls who'd be so self-conscious having that booty, especially in high school, so I love that you completely embrace it. And you know what would have made this post better? If you had broken out that cheerleading uniform and worn it! Haha!