Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pet Peeves

This is another less serious item on the 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me list. I don't really have 10 pet peeves per se, but I have 10 things that bother me more than anything. Some of these answers will be a little goofy and less serious, others are a little deeper. Let's just get to it.

1. Smacking. I get so bothered when I hear people smacking their food when they eat. It is super irritating.

2. Deadbeat dads. I hate can't stand when men have babies and do nothing to take care of them or stay in their child's life. I think that it shows classlessness and a lack of character. Whether this be teen fathers or 50 year old men. By choosing to have unprotected sex, you are risking the chances of becoming a parent.

3. Phone calls for the wrong number. I have gotten so many phone calls and texts for someone who no longer has my number. No matter how many times I have responded that this is no longer so-and-so's number, they continue to call.

4. Bad breath. It is not that hard to carry mints or gum if you have a problem with bad breath.

5. Close talkers. I think this stems from the bad breath pet peeve.

6. Alarm clocks with no purpose. I have been the culprit many times of forgetting to shut off my alarm the night before and has gone off the next morning for no reason. It is so annoying when you are in a good sleep and are awoken by an alarm that wasn't supposed to go off.

7. Mumblers. Nothing is more bothersome than having a conversation with someone you can't understand because of mumbling.

8. Lying. This should be a given.

9. Cheating. I know this shouldn't really be a pet peeve, but cheating is something I cannot understand. It makes no sense to me. I feel that is you are unhappy in a relationship or marriage, leave it. There is no need to step out on your spouse. I have seen too many times (both first hand and through other relationships) where cheating happens. Cheating is something a weak person does. Cheating is something a classless person does. Cheating is something someone with no morals does.

10. Not having everything done. I hate having things missing or not done. This is mostly because of my procrastination, but I am working on that. I stress when I am missing things.

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