Friday, January 18, 2013

FO Nieces' Headband Earwarmers Christmas Gift

Christmas is always a hectic time for a knitter. Especially one who is running a business AND has like 100 people in their immediate family. This year I had more things to do for Adaly Myles Place, which was unexpected. I was also only able to start Christmas gifts AFTER Thanksgiving. For a knitter, that's not a lot of time.
Nonetheless I chose small projects or quick projects that I knew would be a success. One of my go-to projects was the headband ear warmers. I knew that Amiyah and Kali would both love these because I have seen them wear them before. When you buy them in the stores, however, they are very lain colors and not quite right for preteens. So I chose to knit them in fun colors. I knit Kali's in blue and purple and Amiyah's in green and blue (both of their favorite colors). I added a fun colored button to make it a little more appropriate for a preteen.

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