Saturday, January 19, 2013

We are Naming Baby #3...or at least trying to

As most of you already know, Adam and I are expecting another baby! I hate answering the question of whether this baby was planned or not because I have numerous friends who have been having a hard time getting pregnant. But baby #3 is just as much of a surprise as our other bundles. We are just the most fertile couple you will ever meet. We are no longer even allowed to look at one another unless we want another baby. Our due date as of right now is September 3rd (making me 8 weeks along this coming Tuesday). We will find out a more concrete due date when we have our first ultrasound in mid February.

I feel like naming a baby is a huge responsibility and somewhat stressful. I want something unique but to where it has been heard. I don't want to have my kids to constantly have to go by their first name with their last initial like I had to because their first name is too common. I want their names to be meaningful. I want their names to sound modern and classic all at once. So like I said, a huge responsibility and stressful.

With both Nolan and Ryenn, Adam and I were able to decided on names fairly quickly. It was easy to fit their names as siblings as well. Adam came up with both first names of the kids and I came up with their middle names. And no, they were not named after Nolan Ryan, the famous pitcher. That was a happy coincidence (kind of).

Nolan's middle name is Myles. I am super close with my step dad and honoring him by naming my first child after him was the best way I knew how. My dad's middle name is Myles and I LOVED it. I have loved it forever. Nothing fit better than Myles in my mind.

Ryenn was a little more difficult. I really loved the name Adaly (a combination of Adam and Emily). I came up with that as a joke mocking all those people who combine their names. I was surprised when it actually worked so well for our names (just shows we were meant to be together). Adam wasn't in love with it as a first name though. So we used it as a middle name instead for Ryenn.

Now baby #3 is a different story. We are coming up with completely different things. I am not sharing our process of names yet, but we are on totally different playing fields. Adam is coming up with a lot names he likes. While I like them too, they either don't have a middle name that fits well, doesn't sound right with our last name, or doesn't sound like it belongs with siblings named Nolan and Ryenn.

We have resorted to going through the baby name books, our movie collection, and books. Nothing has gelled for either of us. We want to come up with names that we both love, not just like. There are a few names that I cannot get off my mind that I am totally in love with, but that Adam isn't fond of, or vice versa.

I am sure that this will be easier when we know the gender of our child because right now we are able to jump from boy to girl names. I keep joking with Adam that all of this will change when we find out we are having twins. He about dies every time. It's one of the funniest things to me though. At least we have like 32 more weeks to decide. Or maybe our baby will just come home nameless.....


  1. You guys have so much time to come up with a name!! And I think it's great to really go for something that you love, it's going to be with you a long time!

    Speaking of time. I know you can make you own baby stuff but let me know if you have anything you're dying for this baby. I'm so excited to get some little bit projects on my needles!!! xoxo.

  2. I know we have a ton of time, but I always like to be a step ahead. And I hate not calling the baby by either gender or name. I hate say "it." I am sure with 2 toddlers and school time will fly by though. I am glad Adam and I have already started talking about names though because we are having a difficult time even coming up with ones that would make both of our top tens.

    Baby knits! LOVE! I would love anything and everything. I don't have anything specific right now, but I am sure once I find out the gender, I will have a better idea of specifics. I do love the knitted carseat blankets (which I hope to make a couple if I find time).

  3. I was the same way when I had to think of baby names for my LO. My husband really liked Caleb for a boy, and honestly, with all the boys on both sides of our families, we truly thought we were having a boy...but haha! Surprise! It's a girl! (Ok, honestly? I truly felt it was going to be a girl around month 2...but I didn't voice it because I just kept thinking, "I'm a first time mom...there's no way I can one can tell, it's just wishful thinking...but man..I *knew*)

    Anyway, right after I got pregnant, my husband reenlisted into the military and discovered they would be sending us to Japan. I got truly excited, because I had a character from an old fantasy novel that had a Japanese name that I *looooved* I stole that name (my character now needs and used it for my daughter, since she was born in Japan. Her name is Noa and it's a Japanese girl's name that means "from love". Then to honor my Hispanic background, we gave her a Spanish middle name (Gabriela) and then her last name is just so extra Irish...she's truly a multicultural child.

  4. Do you pronounce it like Noah (not sure how wlse you would)? I love names like that. They have meaning and are super cute. Ihave a few that I am leaning towards that my husband likes but doesn't love. I'm hoping that changes.