Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby #3?

The hubby and I have been talking a lot about babies within the last 6 months. This is probably because everyone on my facebook is either pregnant or having a baby. Doesn't help that I am going to be visiting a newborn today. It seems like forever ago that I was pregnant. And honestly, I miss it. I also feel like it has been forever since my babies were little teenies. OK, so they were never teeny (Nolan weighed 7lbs, 14oz at birth and Ryenn weighed 9lbs. 1oz at birth).

June 16, 2010
July 3, 2011
Anyway, with all this baby craziness around me, it has brought the subject into my hubby and I's conversations frequently. We both have our wishes for when baby #3 shows up, and both have good reasons for our wishes. So I have decided (especially after reading Baby Makin Momma's blog post about things to do before she has #2) to make a list of our goals before we add the next little one to our family.

Things to do before #3
  1. Finish our kitchen remodel
  2. Remodel bathroom
  3. Visit Mackinac Island 
  4. Buy a bigger house
  5. Finish undergraduate school
  6. Lose excess weight (weigh between 155-160)
  7. Bring Nolan and Ryenn to the circus
  8. Visit the beach with the babies once a week in the summer
  9. Finish reading the Bible
  10. Take a dance class with the hubby
  11. Plan our vow renewal ceremony
  12. Get Nolan and Ryenn swimming lessons
  13. Visit 3 places outside of MI
  14. Buy a bigger car (preferably one with third row seating and not a van)
  15. Establish regular date nights with the hubby
  16. Be cooking at least 4 meals a week
  17. Have a comfortable savings in the bank
  18. Go ice skating at Rosa Parks Circle
  19. Throw a themed party (Halloween, New Years, Superbowl, etc.)
  20. Organize basement
  21. Have a garage sale
  22. Own and read (or be reading) every Stephen King book available
  23. Apply for Law school

I feel these goals will help me be in a better position with myself and the two wonderful babies I already have, before we add another one. This way we can travel without worrying about a newborn, pregnancy, or even money. We will have room for a new baby and I will feel accomplished myself. Having my bachelor's degree will also help things. I am sure some of these things may take some time, but at least I know what I want to have done before we add more family members. It will also help me not be sad when every month I am not pregnant and hope to be (I know it's pretty difficult to get pregnant when you are using protection, but still I hope something will go wrong). Just don't tell my husband that :)

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