Friday, August 10, 2012

New Promises

I promised myself a lot of things when I started this blog, and haven't really followed through on them. I promised to date nights for the hubby and I, weight loss by June, and reading a ton. This hasn't happened simply due to the unexpectedness of life. On January 1, I didn't think that I would be starting school or babysitting from home. However, these two aspects have been a huge factor in my life.

With all the responsibilities I have as a wife and mother, it may seem crazy to some that I added the daunting tasks of being student and daycare provider to them as well. For those of you who know me well, you aren't surprised whenever I announce an added responsibility to my plate. You are also not surprised when I don't ask for help. I have been this way since high school. I was the greatest partner for group projects because I never wanted anyone else to help with it.

Anyway, with this packed schedule of mine, I have made new promises to myself. These are much more attainable and conscious of my time. I have promised to enjoy my time away from the house, school, and business. I have promised to eat healthy (something I haven't really had a problem with) and workout whenever possible. I have promised to play one-on-one with my kids for at least one straight hour each and together for at least one straight hour. I have promised to do my homework a day in advance, rather than the the day of. I have also promised to take some me time in the week.

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