Friday, August 31, 2012

Outcome of Chaos with Family Pictures

We ordered our family pictures last week and had so many to choose from. I told you before that our session had to be done in phases because of the uncooperative kids we had. They really didn't seem like our kids that day.
Nonetheless, when we got our proofs back, we were amazed! We were amazed first that we actually had so many to choose from and second that they turned out so great. I know that I shouldn't be surprised anymore with the amazing job Tyla does, but our proofs are always so hard to narrow down.
We did narrow them down though. It took us a whole week to narrow them down. And even on the day our order was due, we were still picking and choosing.
Tyla always makes it very hard to choose, which is such a great quality in photography. This is another reason we continue to return to her. She is amazing with the pictures she takes, the relationship she has developed with us, and the professionalism she maintains.
Every time someone says anything about needing a photographer, I immediately send them to her. She has been so great with us and has given us exactly what we are looking for with every photo shoot. She is original, innovative, and never weary about experiment.
She also has been great with dealing with me, which if you ask anyone I am a perfectionist. I usually have a pretty clear vision of what I am looking for and she always delivers.


  1. Love the pic of your kiddos on the dock together - so sweet!

  2. Isn't that a good one! It's fake water too! She really does a fantastic job with pictures. Especially seeing as our kids were less than cooperative.