Monday, August 27, 2012

Mall of America

On our second full day in Minnesota, we did some shopping. We started the day with a feast at IKEA for under $10 for 6 people (that's including 2 babies)! Where can you go for that little of an amount?!

IKEA Feast
After eating we shopped for a bit in IKEA. We got some things for the house (Tupperware, knives, cutting board, etc. ) and a play rug for the kids. It's a road rug where the kids can drive their cars on the fake roads (already a huge hit). We also found a few dressers we really loved for our bedroom. We were unsure of what size would be best, so we decided to wait.

We then moved across the street to the Mall of America. This is Nolan, my mother-in-law, technically Ryenn, and my second time visiting. It was the hubby's first. I was excited for him to see how much this one place had to offer, and excited to shop! The babies need fall/winter clothes the most so I mainly shopped there. However, the hubby was the funner parent in the shopping department. We first walked through the amusement park. Yes, there is an amusement park in the mall! It's nuts!

As we made our way through, we found ourselves in the Lego store. I loved it the last time, but this time was even better. Nolan played at the Lego table stations they had set up. It was great! He wanted to play with the bigger kids though and couldn't quite reach the middle of the table where the Lego's were. Instead he started cleaning up the table. Ryenn just hung out in her stroller eating (as usual).

Then we went to the Disney store. Adam, Nolan, and Ryenn were ecstatic to be in there. Adam, the good daddy he is, wanted to buy them everything. Me, being the parent that picks up the over abundance of toys we already have, had to put a limit. So Adam and Nolan set out to find the perfect toy. Nolan watched Mater Tales on the big screen there while Adam brought him toys to see his reaction. He walked away with a Woody doll, complete with pull string, and Ryenn got two little Disney Princess stuffed dolls (Ariel and Aurora).

I got the kids some clothes and myself a shirt from Old Navy before we headed to lunch. We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, which was added right after our visit last year, and caught some of the Patriots game against the Eagles. After lunch we headed to Best Buy. Adam wanted to pick up Pocahontas and the Rescuers on Blu-ray to add to our Disney collection for the kids. We stopped in to Carter's last. We got the kids a ton more things and ended the shopping day. It was so fun!

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