Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teasers of New Girl for Holla Knits Fall

I recently talked about the mystery knit that I was working on for Allyson for the fall edition of Holla Knits. Today I finished it. I had to do a bit of altering. Allyson helped me figure out that my knitting in the round gauge is different than my regular gauging. This makes complete sense, seeing as every knit that I knit in the round is off!
Nonetheless, it worked out. I am excited to wear it and super excited to model it (along with a few other knits) this Saturday. We are doing the Holla Knits Fall Collection photo shoot then!
This was the first time I had ever knit the daisy stitch pattern. It was a bitter sweet experience. It was the biggest pain in the ass, but looks gorgeous! Definitely worth the hassle for such a beautiful outcome. Once the collection is released, I will share full photos of this knit. Until then, you must settle with these teasers.

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