Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIP Holla Knits Mystery Knit

When I got the yarn last week, I was in heaven. It's gorgeous and soft and, well, GORGEOUS!!!Working on this knit has been a bit monotonous, due to the immense amount of stockinette stitch. I feel that I don't have much to say about this knit so far that won't a) give away what it is, b) tell too much about the pattern itself, or c) again give away what it is.
My biggest challenge in this knit so far was getting the gauge right. Yes, I realize this is step one in the knitting process. And yes I realize this usually isn't a very tough thing to get right.
However, I am on a strict schedule to get this thing knit. I needed to get knitting this without having to go out and buy another set of needles (that I didn't have in my stash). So I called Allyson late one night to have her help me figure it out. I had to measure my waist (32 inches) which fell in between the sizes in the pattern. Then my gauge wasn't on. Instead of the 4 inches I needed to get, I was at 4.5ish inches with size 6 needles. The next smallest pair I had were 3's, which I knew were going to be wrong AND a pain to knit with.
With Allyson's help, I decided to knit down 2 sizes (29 inch waist). With the differentiation in my gauge this would give me as close to my actual size as possible (32.5 inches). She assured me that this wouldn't be a problem, so I got to work. Now it has been a week straight of stockinette stitches. I am closing in on the end but still have a bit to go. I think I will be finished around the end of this week.

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