Friday, August 3, 2012

Princess Skirt

I must admit that I love Pinterest! I find so many projects on there daily. It is hard to keep up with the things I find. When I stumbled upon the tutu with a boa attached, I tried a mock version of this for Ryenn for her birthday party (I promise this is the last thing about their birthday's until next year).
fluffly tutu
It turned out alright, but next time I will make some changes. First, I will add an actual boa, rather than the skinny version of a boa. Next, I would buy more tulle for the skirt. This one was a bit transparent which is not what I wanted. It was a last minute thing and did the best I could. I was happy with the outcome because it matched her shirt so well. However, next time, I will make those necessary changes.
Birthday girl in her pretty skirt

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