Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Randoms of Minnesota

Although the two main places we went were the Minnesota State Fair and the Mall of America, we also visited other places. We had two girls night; Wednesday when we first arrived and the following night. Martha, our amazing and gracious hostess, took us out to Salut Bar Americain on Wednesday night. It was a french style bar. We sat on the patio because it was amazing outside. Martha and Susan, my mother-in-law, got Smokin' Cosmos. They were so neat! Allyson got, what she calls, an old man's drink (something with whiskey). I got what was called a Pool Boy. Of course this ended up as the joke of the night.

On Thursday we went to the most amazingly fancy patio I have ever seen. Most patios are just tables outside. This patio had actual and comfortable patio furniture. W.A. Frost and Company was a gorgeous place with a novel for a drink menu. Here Martha got a Chocolate Martini, Susan got a Spiced Grapefruit Daiquiri, and Allyson got another "old man drink" called an Earl Grey Bootleg (which was amazing). I got a white Sangria that the menu described as "Spanish red or white wine muddled with fresh orange and lime and finished with Sweet and Sour, and a dash of Southern Comfort for a little vanilla and spice. Fruity, refreshing and smooth - our own version of the slow-steeped Spanish original." I ended up having two of them! The bar itself was covered in ivy. It was amazing.

When we weren't out and about, we spent a lot of the time on the road and at Martha's house. That was when we all had time to bond. Ryenn rekindled her love for P.T. as well.  I got to see Chicago in stand still traffic while I was driving, from the car window as a passenger, and in the side streets while dropping off some things to a friend. We stopped at rest stops where the kids got to play (the welcome center to Michigan being the best for the kids by far). We stopped to eat in Wisconsin a few times. We spent time playing with the kids, getting to know Martha, and just enjoying our time as a family.

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