Saturday, December 29, 2012

2 Day Christmas Whirlwind

This year, our Christmas was a little less than traditional. The biggest tradition broken was that Santa came the day after Christmas because daddy had to work on Christmas. However, with a one and a half and a two and a half year old who would really know the difference.

On Christmas day, the babies and I had a very busy day. It started with breakfast at my in-laws and a few gifts for the kids (we were actually opening gifts the following day). We then headed to my parents where there were 20+ people there. It was a great day. The kids got a ton of clothes and a ton of toys. Adam and I go clothes and money.

The next morning was the funnest part because daddy was involved as well. We invited Allyson, Matthew, and my mother-in-law over to watch the kids open their gifts from Santa. The biggest winners of the bunch were the 3 foot fire truck, all the matchbox/hotwheels cars, and Rapunzel. Again, they got a ton of toys!


Then we headed to the in-laws again for breakfast and gifts. I think my favorite gifts were the quilt I received from my mother-in-law and the alphabet sampler kit I received from Allyson. The kids got more toys, embroidery/cross stitch for their bedroom walls, and quilts.

We spent those two days playing, coloring, eating, and spending time with the family. It was such a great holiday. I am, however, looking forward to next year when Adam won't be working.

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