Sunday, December 16, 2012

Saddest Carousel Ride EVER

I was thinking about not blogging about this experience, but decided that Ryenn looks too sad but cute to not share. After visiting Santa on Friday, Nolan wanted to do nothing more than to ride the carousel.
Who am I kidding, he wanted to ride the carousel as soon as he saw it. He walked very slowly from the car until he spotted the thing. Then he began running. And Ryenn was in awe and looked happy to see it too. So after the traumatic visit to Santa, we rode the carousel.
Adam stayed off  to take pictures with my new camera while my mother-in-law and I rode with Nolan and Ryenn. They were so happy to be sitting on their ponies. That is, until Ryenn realized daddy wasn't riding too.

After the first time around, happy as can be, she began bawling and reaching for daddy. She loves her daddy more than anything and she was heartbroken to be on the carousel without him. It was so cute! Terrible I know, but so cute!

As soon as the carousel stopped and she saw she was going back with daddy, she was happy again. It's amazing how much she loves him. And Adam, the softy that he is, decided that we should take the kids to the tree house.

They LOVED it. I mean what kid wouldn't. She loved to climb on everything and the tunnels; Nolan loved the slide and all the kids. It was a great day for us as a family. We then went back to my mother-in-laws for dinner from Applebee's (thanks to grandma) and entertainment from our two little monsters.

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