Wednesday, December 19, 2012

FO Throw Pillows and Tutorial

Although I can't share all of my Christmas gifts on here, I am sharing a few. I decided not to knit everything this year, and this has proven to be a lot easier to handle. Some of the gifts I am making actually called for my sewing machine. Last night I put my machine to work!
I bought three sets of fabric on Black Friday that perfectly matched my sisters' personalities, their decor, and the rooms that these gifts would go in. I spent nearly an hour waiting for the fabric to get cut so it must have been perfect, right?
Along with sharing my FO's, I am sharing the process on how to do it yourself! First you have to iron out your fabric to get all the folds out of it. Then, you need to decide on the measurements for the pillow. I chose to do a 12.5" x 12.5" pillow. Then add 1/4 inch to three sides and 1/2 inch to one side, so you will cut two pieces of fabric (front and back) that measure 13.25"x13".
Once you have your fabric cut, put the right sides (or the sides you will see). To keep the pieces together better you can pin them 1/4 inch in on three sides. Then begin sewing three of the sides side at the 1/4 inch mark. Then flip the fabric inside out so you can see the side that will show when finished. On the last side, fold the fabric down a little more than 1/4 inch. Begin sewing the folded down piece leaving enough open on one side to fit your hand for stuffing. Begin stuffing the pillow to your own preference. Once you have finished stuffing your pillow, finish sewing the last side closed. And you are finished!

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