Tuesday, December 18, 2012

FO Baby Doll Bed and Tutorial

The little miss that I babysit, Scarlet, while her mom is in school is one of the cutest little things ever. She has amazing hair and such a feisty personality. She loves being the mommy and would spend a lot of the time at my house either playing with Ryenn's babies or playing mommy to Ryenn.
Kelli, Scarlet's mom, was telling me how she was looking for a pillow for Scarlet's baby bed she is getting for Christmas and was running into problems. She either couldn't find one that fit, one that she liked, or one that didn't cost an arm and a leg. This is when I stepped in and said, hey I can make you one and you can pick the fabric.
 Not too much later, she brought me the most adorable fabric and the foam for the bedding. I started and finished this project tonight! It turned out great! And when I sent a picture to Kelli, she loved it to.This was a simple project.
I took the measurements from the bed (provided by Kelli) and added a half inch to the length and width to account for the seams. From there I cut the fabric accordingly. I then folded the fabric wrong sides together (pretty side in) and sewed 1/4 inch in on the sides and one of the shorter ends. I then flipped the fabric inside out so I could now see the right side. I then put the foam into the fabric like a pillow case, folded down the fabric about 1/8 inch, and sewed the bed closed. I made the pillow the same way.

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