Friday, December 14, 2012

Mourning Loss

With all that is going on with loss today, it is difficult to comprehend. My prayers are with the families affected by the shootings in Connecticut today. Children are so precious and it is so hard to even begin to understand the loss of their lives. My problems seem so insignificant comparatively. However, losing a pet is hard as well. I experienced the loss of my favorite dog, Diezel, in 2011. He was hit by a car after escaping our yard under the fence, something he had done numerous times. The final time was while I was working. I stayed home from work for 4 days after because I was so devastated. Didn't really help that I was 6 months pregnant with Ryenn so my emotions were extremely high. He was 4 years old (and 6 months if we want to get technical).
I got a terrible phone call from my sister Kelli yesterday morning. It was our family dog of 12 years. He passed away yesterday morning. I was so sad. I was shocked. I couldn't imagine my parents house without Chance there. He was such a lovable, fat dog. I immediately thought of how saddened I was about Diezel and my heart ached for my mom. That was her best friend, her buddy, her baby. She meant the world to her.
We all knew he was coming to the end of his life, but that didn't make it any easier. I tried talking to my mom and I just didn't know what to say. I wanted to hug her and I wasn't able to because I was home and she was home. I could just hear her pain. I wanted to tell her it will get better, but in all honesty it is still hard to not see Diezel in the backyard or up on the couch or just being his naughty self.
It's easier to know that Chance will no longer feel pain and that my mom didn't have to make that awful decision of putting him down. It is also great to know that the pet cemetery people that came to take him to be cremated treated him like a family member rather than just a dog. They were so respectful and hugged my mom. She will get his paw print in plaster for her to keep and remember him by. She lost a part of her heart yesterday with his passing. And there is nothing I, as much as I would like to, can do to fix and heal her pain.

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