Saturday, December 15, 2012

Visiting Santa: Take 2

When we went to Robinettes two weeks ago, I blamed the lack of a nap for the uncooperative kids we had that day. Both were a bit uneasy to sit with Santa. Well,we went to Rivertown to try again. And it got worse!
There were two kids in front of us in line and both of them bawled while sitting on Santa's lap. The whole time, Nolan watched them with what looked like fear and concern in his eyes. I could just feel that he wasn't going to be down with visiting Santa. But I thought my princess would be all for it, seeing as she has no apprehension with strangers like her mommy (scary for this parent).
Instead, we sat her down first and she immediately tried wriggling free and crying. She was still cute as ever! I didn't even attempt to sit Nolan with him, especially seeing as Santa said we could take a picture with him as a family (good thing my mother-in-law came along to take pictures for us). Overall, I would say that my kids are not huge fans of Santa this year. Maybe next year?


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