Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Visiting Santa: Take 1

Every year we have visited Santa, except for Nolan's first Christmas, has been a challenge. For Nolan's first Christmas, he was too young to be "scared" of Santa. Last year was Ryenn's first Christmas so she was too young to know the difference either. However, Nolan was at the age last year where they can be a little scared. He didn't want to sit on his lap and would only take a picture if daddy was holding him and cried when he set him down (check out my very first blog post to see pictures). This year a little different, but not by much.

Neither kid cried while seeing Santa, but only wanted a limited visit. If we didn't pick them up when they wanted, THAT's when the tears happened. And only Ryenn cried this year. Nolan just kept acting shy. He kept smiling but laying his head on my shoulder. It was cute. So this year, like last year, one of us had to take the picture with Nolan.

We visited Santa and his Reindeer on Saturday at Robinette's. We have gone two years in a row now and we have enjoyed it both times. The kids loved the reindeer. Nolan especially like when the younger one ate right out of my hand.

They also loved playing on the slide that is there (as usual) and the bus photo prop thing. It was a good day, but they got a little cranky because we went right when they were supposed to nap. We are attempting another trip to see Santa, but this time at Rivertown Mall, a little closer to Christmas.


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