Sunday, December 23, 2012

Let Your Past Make You Better.....

There are times when a quote just resonates with me so deeply. Saturday, upon reading this on Pinterest, I had such an experience. And these words could not ring any truer for me. I have had a rough past; from my childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. I always thought that life was giving me what I deserved. Upon meeting my husband, however, I learned that this was not the case. My life was no where near where I deserved it to be. I learned this and so much more due to my past.
Wow were we little here!
I have learned to love life. You are never going to get another one and there is no reason to spend what little time we have being unhappy, even for a second. There is not enough time to waste being bitter about things that happened, lessons we wished we would have learned sooner, or regretting things we chose to do against our better judgement. Life is supposed to be cherished and I have learned to do that.
July 2012
I have learned to appreciate the good things in my life because I have endured so much bad. Although some may think that my life isn't perfect, it's MY version of perfect. My husband and I argue, my kids don't always listen, I cry easily, my house is usually a mess (even though I clean it everyday), we don't usually sit at the table to eat because our kids are grazers, and I don't have close relationships with many people outside of my family. With all that being said, my husband and I love each other with every thing we have, our kids are the greatest gifts in our life, they add so much joy and fun into each day, our house is paid off and generally clean, and the relationships I do have I cherish more than most. I again learned this through my past.
Our 2nd Anniversary (March 2012)
I have learned to appreciate fidelity. A faithful husband is something a lot of people overlook and tend to under appreciate. Knowing that my husband hasn't cheated in his past, let's me trust the fact that he won't in his future. Having been cheated on multiple times and seeing others cheat, I am appreciative more than you know for this quality in my husband.
Katie's 21st B-day (June 2011)
I have learned that my family is the most important thing in my life. My mother and father (Ray) are my biggest supporters. I pushed them to the back burner in my past in order to keep other relationships satisfied. This was a huge mistake and I have since developed an even greater relationship with them. I have also developed greater friendships with my sisters. My in-laws are amazing. I consider my mother-in-law one of my best friends. Again, I learned this by having to deal with other, less than ideal families in my past.
December 2012
I have also learned that my goals and dreams are important. I was so used to my dreams being unimportant to others and told that they were a waste of time. Now, with my husband by my side, I am back in school with him as a huge support. Quitting school was the biggest mistake I made in my past, and getting back in school is the best thing I could have done for my family. My husband constantly helps me dream as big as the sky instead of trying to pull me down. It is an amazing feeling to have such a big supporter.
July 2011
With all this being said, I have been asked numerous times if I have any regrets. Although there are decisions that I made stupidly and I constantly ask myself why, I can honestly say that I have no regrets. Had I made other decisions I may have stayed in school on campus. This means I would never have gotten the job at Saint Mary's where I met the most amazing man, my husband. Which in turn means I wouldn't have my amazing babies. And I may not have such a great relationships with my family and in-laws.
Nap time with my princess (August 2011)
Everything in life happens for a reason. We meet people who were meant to make a mark in our lives, whether that be positive or negative. We makes stupid decisions to learn from them. We make better decisions to reap the rewards. We gain new perspectives from our past. We appreciate the good when we have received the bad. We learn. And those of us who are lucky enough to recognize it, we let our past make us better, not bitter.
April 2012