Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kitchen Update!

We haven't made MUCH progress in the kitchen, but enough to make me happy for the moment. I can finally put away some of our dishes in the right spot, rather than our pantry. This let me reorganize our pantry to fit our food better. It has been a life saver. But how did we get to this point, and why did we stop?
First and foremost, it is like pulling teeth to get Adam to work on our kitchen. Like I stated before, we have run into every issue possible. This has made working on our kitchen a nightmare for Adam. Nonetheless, it needs to get done. So this past week, I started dragging in cupboards, forcing him to help me out.
We ran into another problem (go figure) with how we were going to get our cupboards to stay put and stay level. Then the genius started showing in Adam. He ran outside, grabbed his car jacks and put them under the main cupboard! Genius, I know!
They stayed at the right level and the right height! It was perfection. We got the first major set of cupboards in on the 9th of this month. I was so excited to be able to put dishes away. We stopped because our next cupboards are littler cupboards that the jacks won't reach (the on above the fridge and the one above the stove). We plan to work more on these when I catch up on my Christmas knitting.

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