Monday, December 17, 2012

FO American Girl Doll Outfit #1

My nieces are so cute when they ask for things. They mention how much they would like something and how cool it would be if someone could make them that certain thing. When this adorable attempt at getting me to make them clothes for their American Girl Dolls was tried last April, I knew exactly what they were getting for Christmas.
Lily and Kali love their dolls and love to dress them up. I was super excited to get started on these. I had a lot of help from my Twitter followers finding the right patterns and how to find cheap and/or free patterns. Ravelry was my biggest resource. I found so many that I wanted to knit. The first one I chose was a skirt and cardigan set.
I chose to knit them using Lily's favorite colors, pink and purple. I had left over yarn from the DS case I made Lily for her past birthday that was pink and glittery (Red Heart Shimmer in hot pink). The skirt was a quick knit and the sweater was fairly quick. I got them both done in about 2 days. I used a pattern written by Elaine Phillips.

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