Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hey! Your Progress is Showing!

We have made MAJOR strides in the home makeover we have been doing. I finished the flooring in our bedroom. I tore it up 3 times before I was happy with how it looked. Thank God it was easy to do. We moved our stuff out of Ryenn's room and into our own room (minus the dresser because we are ordering a new one next week). We spent our first night in there last night and it was great being able to pillow talk again without fear of waking our child.
It also gave us some room to rearrange the kids rooms and our living room. We were able to set up Nolan's play sets in his room and move some of his toys into his closet. I was able to set up Ryenn's little area with her toy baby crib and babies. By vacating some of the toys out of our living room, it looks cleaner and more organized. I was also able to organize closets better and our huge DVD/Blu-ray collection better.
Nolan's Room
Nolan's Room
Ryenn's Rooms half done
Ryenn's Room half done
With the floor down, we were able to put the trim samples against the floor and wall to see what we liked the best. We chose a really tall baseboard (hubby's request) and a thinner trim around the doors and windows (only choice with the placement of out light switches.
Living room
Living Room
I am excited to order the trim and get working on that, but for now just happy our bedroom ceiling and floor is done. Adam also picked up our cabinets and they are currently hanging out in our garage waiting for installment in the new/permanent home in our kitchen!
Our bedroom (minuz new bed frame)

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