Sunday, September 16, 2012

WIP Two Boyfriends

Bottom band and vertical side done
With so much going on this week with the house, I have neglected a lot of things. Including my blog and my knitting. Nonetheless, I have made some progress on my Two Boyfriends cardigan since last week. I finished the vertical side, with so much agony in doing so. The pain was worth it because it is turning out exactly how I wanted it to look.
button band complete too!
I got the vertical side done and knit and it turned out great! It needs to be blocked yet and looks a bit stiff. It will look better once its blocked. Oh, and finished. I finished the bottom band and button band. I now just have the sleeves yet to finish. I am choosing to knit the sleeves in the blue color to match the top portion of the sweater. I am also leaning more towards the blue color for the buttons as well. However, I am tossing that option or fabric covered buttons instead.
Nolan wanted to be apart of the shots!

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