Sunday, September 9, 2012

Two Boyfriends with Split Personalities

Allyson, knitting pattern guru, designed a cardigan pattern a few years back that I have already knit a few times. The second thing I ever knit was this pattern during one of her knit-alongs. I joined the knit-along two weeks late with my first version and then joined two weeks after that (so four weeks in) with my second version. That's two sweaters in less than eight weeks.
Anyway, I decided I wanted to knit another one of these sweaters. I love the construction, the shape, and the ease of reading this pattern. Allyson has thought of it all with this one. I changed the color pattern with one of my past versions and thought it would be fun to do it again.
This time, instead of changing just the color pattern, I changed the direction of the stripes. I have had to tear this sweater out about 6 times now because I was unhappy with how it was turning out. Stranding is not my forte. Instead, I will be doing the dreaded seaming. I knit the whole horizontal stripe side, then picked up the stitches for the "vertical" stripe side. The vertical stripe side I will be knitting sideways and then seaming the edges into place. I have also decided to knit the sleeves in a solid color rather than striping them. I am about halfway done with this sweater, but it it knitting along quite quickly.

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