Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crossing Things off Pre-Pregnancy List!

When my husband and I get pregnant next, there are tons of things I want to have done first. One of the biggest things is to get into a bigger house. We are currently in a 3 bedroom house that has one of those rooms torn apart. I won't complain about lack of space because we don't have a mortgage or rent. We are among the few people in this world that thankfully own our house outright thanks to my husband's...uh.....Dutchness (much nicer than saying he is cheap).

Anyway, I have been asked a few times why we are bothering remodeling and fixing up our house if we are just wanting to move. There are a few reasons, but the main being it will sell better and for more with a few fixes. When I say a few, I mean quite a few. We are starting with what is now a spare/storage room and going to be our bedroom. I am a bit embarrassed to show pictures because we have just shoved odds and ends into this room until we find their place.

We are currently sharing a room with Ryenn. This was because she was quite sleeping through the night and that this spare room wasn't finished. Now that she is taking naps regularly and sleeping through the night, I need for her to have her own room. We started renovating this room earlier this year. I started by taking down those really ugly ceiling tiles that are in public schools. We used to hide chairs and stuff up in our schools ceiling with these tiles.
To get back on subject, I took those down and when I reached the last tile, there was a really bad water damage repair job. It was hideous! I painted it and it only looked worse. This past Monday, I textured the ceiling with crow's feet. It took about an hour to do so. It made a HUGE difference!

We are moving on to the flooring next, so I am sure there will be major changes to show then. Hopefully in about a week (Ahem! Hubby).

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