Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Rookie and her Love for the Patriots

My husband has been begging me to play Fantasy Football since we met. In my past experience with it, it was definitely ridiculous and caused more problems than needed. Well this year, I gave in and decided why not. Our "draft" was this past Saturday and going into the draft I felt a little overwhelmed. After looking at a list of the players, I felt relieved that I knew quite a few of the names and how they play. This made the anxiety of having an awful team go away. Yes the hubby helped me study a bit before hand, but let me pick my players based on what I wanted. And yes I preferred a team stacked with my favorites; Patriots!

I had the number 2 pick in the draft (thanks to my sons selection of fries). I thought for sure I would get who I wanted. With the very first pick, I was proven wrong (thanks to PT). I didn't get the main player I wanted. Tom Brady himself. I was off to a bad start. I picked Aaron Rodgers instead. However, after that unfortunate first pick by PT, I pretty much got who I wanted. 7 Patriots to be exact. Of course later down the line I missed out on my second QB that I wanted to my husband. I wanted Payton Manning. My team looks pretty good though. Hopefully you will hear more on the amazing wins I will get (fingers crossed that I at least don't have a losing record in the end).
My Team:
QB- Aaron Rodgers
QB- Matt Schaub
WR- Wes Welker
WR- Titus Young
RB- Stevan Ridley
RB- Mark Ingram
TE- Rob Gronkowski
TE- Aaron Hernandez
FLEX- Victor Cruz
FLEX- Brandon Lloyd
FLEX- Payton Hillis
DEF- Patriots
BENCH- Tim Tebow (laugh all you want but it was better than what was left)
BENCH- Shane Vereen
BENCH- Malcom Floyd
BENCH- Pierre Thomas
BENCH- Jermaine Gresham


  1. Tom and I look forward to seeing you on the fantasy football field this season.