Saturday, September 1, 2012

Romper to T-shirt in 10 Minutes

For the second half of our family pictures, I really wanted Nolan to have a different shirt than a plain white polo t-shirt. I was also too cheap to buy him a new t-shirt just for pictures, seeing as he has so many clothes. Instead, I decided to alter a romper he had that didn't quite fit anymore.
Instead of packing it away with the clothes that no longer fit, I decided to make some alterations. I saw the navy and white stripes and thought it would be perfect with Ryenn's navy and white striped shirt.
I first cut off the legs of the romper, leaving enough length to hem the shirt. After cutting along one of the stripes, I sewed a straight line around the bottom of what was now a shirt, hemming it up.
And it was as simple as that! It turned out pretty great if I do say so myself. No one would have ever guessed that it was once a romper. And now he can wear the shirt even longer!

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