Thursday, September 20, 2012

WIP Dog Sweater #1

I got an order last week for 2 custom dog sweaters. I started knitting the first one using the same striping I used in the sweaters I sent to Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain in Brooklyn, New York last year.
This order, however, came with a little customization. The woman lives in Canada with her pug who has an allergy that has made him lose a lot of his hair. Being from Michigan, I can only imagine how brutal the winters can be in Canada.
Anyway, she wanted sleeves on the fronts in order to give her dog the added warmth. I was more than happy to create this order for her. I was especially happy to be able to give her dog some comfort for the cold of the winter.
I have finished the back of the striped sweater and started working on the collar band. I am debating on whether to make the under side of the sweater solid like I usually do, or continuing the striping to use up more of the yellow and blue yarn that I have. It won't be enough for another project, so that's what I am leaning towards.

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